Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why publication day is like standing naked in the street.

At last! After months of wishing, hoping and doing more PR than I ever thought was possible (thanks Avon and LightBrigade you've been amazing) the day is finally here - it's publication day for 'The Accident'.

In some ways publication day is a lot like New Year's Eve when you're in your early twenties. There's a build up (what to wear, where to go, who to celebrate with), excitement and a lot of expectation (it's New Year's Eve, we have to have an amazing night!) and then, when the actual event occurs there's a tiny feeling of anti-climax.

Getting flowers from your publishers is wonderful, as are all the well wishes and tweets from friends, families and readers but with with the arrival of publication day comes a sense of relief rather than excitement. It's finally here, I can relax. And it's out of your hands. You've done everything you can to try and make your day (night out) a good one and now it's in the lap of the gods (or how pissed your friends get).

Mostly I feel a tremendous sense of achievement. A story I dreamed up when I was in the grip of undiagnosed Post Natal Depression has become a book. A real, live 'oh my god other people are going to read it' novel. Whether your characters resemble you or not you pour a lot of yourself into a novel (that's why one star reviews sting so much) and having a book published is a bit like standing in the middle of the street in one of those 'How to Look Good Naked' shows and asking complete strangers to comment on the flabby bits you normally keep hidden.

Some people will put you down and point out your flaws. Other people will point out your good points. And others will look at you and think, 'you remind me a lot of me'. And that's why I do it. That's why I continue to write books even though it's knackering and nerve-shredding. That's why we all do it. To connect with people.

So off you go 'The Accident' - stride into TESCO, ASDA, WHSmiths and Amazon in all your naked glory. I'm standing right next to you (and thinking about next year's New Year's Eve).

accident jpeg

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here to order it from your local independent bookseller.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Why I'm giving away my short story collection for FREE!

Earlier today I sent an email to my newsletter subscribers (I only send one out once or twice a year. Click here if you'd like to sign up).

In the newsletter I revealed why I wrote THE ACCIDENT and why I decided to make the switch from writing romantic comedies.

I also revealed that, in order to celebrate the publication of THE ACCIDENT on Thursday this week, I've decided to make my short story collection SECRETS AND RAIN free. I've also put the first 3 chapters of THE ACCIDENT at the end as a little sneak peek for anyone who's curious to find out whether the book is for them (there's no preview on Amazon until Thursday).

If you've already bought SECRETS AND RAIN (thank you!) you should be able to update your Kindle to see the extra material. If you haven't you've got until Friday to download it until the price goes up again.

I've had some AMAZING reviews for The Accident from book bloggers and Net Galley reviewers and I'd like to hug you all. I was so, so nervous about this book coming out and to hear how much enjoyment (and terror) you've had from reading it has meant the world to me. (If you go to the Sunlounger 2 party watch out because I might actually hug you for real!). The reason we write - why I write - is to connect with other people emotionally and if I scare or touch or worry or grip my readers I know I've done my job.

I've included a selection of reviews here (apologies to anyone I haven't included yet, do feel free to nudge me on Twitter).

The Accident will be stocked by Tesco (for £1.99 and they should have lots of copies), ASDA and WH Smiths. I would LOVE to see photos of any copies you spot if you felt like tweeting them to me (@callytaylor)

Though I might not thank you straight away! I'm going on holiday to Lanzarote on publication day. It'll be my first beach holiday in 10 YEARS and our first holiday as a family (my son is now 2.5 years old and I'm more than a little scared about how he'll cope with a 4 hour flight!). The plan is to avoid the internet while I'm out there and focus on relaxing for a change (if I was here I'd be refreshing Amazon several times an hour for sure!). Then, when I get back, it's all guns blazing to finish my second draft of my second psychological thriller which is out in 2015 and called LAST GIRL STANDING (I'm currently 50% of the way through).

Thanks so much for reading and for all your support.

Until the next time!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

(A writer's) life doesn't get much more exciting than this!

A real, live, smells like a new paperback, copy of my book!

This is the 3rd novel I've had published but this one is incredibly special to me in so many ways (if/when you get a copy read the author Q&A in the back to find out why).

Out on 10th April in Tesco, ASDA, WHSmith and online.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The PR campaign that freaked out book bloggers...

I've posted on my CL Taylor blog about the recent PR campaign for 'The Accident' that involved sending out this to book bloggers:

To find out more go here

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Two book launches, two hangovers, two great evenings...

I didn't go to any book launches last year. Why? Because it's extraordinarily difficult for me to get to them:

1) They're typically in London and I live in Bristol
2) Even though I work from home the day job doesn't finish until 5pm which is when I have to pick up my toddler son.

The planets pretty much need to collide for me to attend a launch party but, luckily, this year they have (in no small part thanks to my wonderful partner) and what magical launch parties they've been.

The first was Mel Sherratt's launch for 'WATCHING OVER YOU'. Although this isn't Mel's first book (she's had astonishing success with her self - published 'Estate' series and Amazon bestseller 'Taunting the Dead')  it is her first to be published by Thomas and Mercer. Mel's excitement and delight was infectious and her speech was one the most touching I've ever heard (and she called my new book THE ACCIDENT 'shit hot' which was nice!).

Mel's speech

We share an agent (Madeleine Milburn) so she made a speech too and it was great to catch up with both of them afterwards. I also chatted with fellow Maddy author Talli Roland, lovely Liz Fenwick (not a Maddy author! ), an editor I knew from my Orion days, and some Tweeters and aspiring authors. The biggest surprise of the night was when a heavily pregnant lady came over to me and said how much she'd enjoyed 'The Accident' and that she was my proofreader! We ended up chatting for ages - and not about my book.

Maddy's speech

I stayed at Mel's do for much longer than I meant to and didn't end up rolling into bed back in Bristol into 2am. My toddler woke up for the day at 5.30am. Ouch.

Me and Mel! 

(My signed copy - a limited edition as the knife has been removed in the second print run!)  

I didn't make the same mistake last Thursday even though I had just as much fun at the brilliant Rowan Coleman's book launch (I was in bed by 12.30am. Result!).  Poor Rowan had the gods conspiring against her what with the floods and the tube strike but she still had a brilliant turn out. 

Talk about author spotting - I talked to Kate Harrison, Lucy Robinson, Rosie Blake, Julie Cohen, Katy Regan, Ali Harris, Rebecca Chance, Alex Marwood, Tamsyn Murray and Veronica Henry.  And Rowan's competition winner! And lovely book bloggers One More Page and Rea and Anne. And Fabulous magazine's book blogger Claire. And even Rowan's husband!

Rowan's launch was her first with her new publisher Ebury and we were lucky enough to hear her read an extract.  

There was a real fizz of excitement and anticipation about Rowan's new book 'THE MEMORY BOOK'. I think it's going to be huge.

The best launch party goodie bag EVER - postcard, notebook, forget me not seeds and CHOCOLATES! 

p.s.  This has nothing to do with book launches but, if you're on Goodreads, I'd love it if you could friend my CL Taylor page there. She's looking a bit short of friends compared to my Cally Taylor page!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The cover of my psychological suspense novel is finally revealed!

As if all the excitement of 'Home for Christmas' being optioned for a film wasn't exciting enough, today I get to reveal the UK and US covers for my first pyschological suspense novel (out in April in the UK and June in the US).

Check them out on my CL Taylor blog:

Monday, 27 January 2014

My novel is going to become a film! Hopefully...

Last month I signed a contract with JumpStart productions - an independent film company in Brighton - for the right to turn my novel 'Home for Christmas' into a film.

Nathalie, one of the co-owners of the company read my book and fell in love with it. She loved the story, she loved the characters and she really loved the location - the 'Picture Box' independent cinema which is based on the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton - where Nathalie happens to work! Signing the contract was a no brainer. Okay so they couldn't afford to pay me a penny to option my novel but that wasn't important. What mattered most was the fact that she loved my novel and was genuinely enthusiastic about turning it into a film.

With a day job, a toddler and a psychological suspense novel to edit (The Accident as my pen name CL Taylor) there was no way I'd be able to find the time to write the script so Jamie, co-owner of JumpStart, did that. I've been reviewing it and it's pretty much there.

A cast has been found - and what a cast! An actress from 'Skins', an actress from 'True Blood' and an actor from 'Where Eagles Dare'!

 April Pearson (Skins, Tormented) as Beth Prince.

 Lucy Griffiths (BBC's Robin Hood, True Blood).

Derren Nesbit as Grandad (Where Eagles Dare, Flawless).

 Production meetings are being held, locations are being scouted (we get to film in the Duke of York's - yay!) and now there's just the 'small' matter of funding.

JumpStart have applied for some grants  but we need as much money as we can get for the film to stand a chance of being made and that's why the producers have set up an indiegogo account to appeal for sponsors. For as little as £10 you can sponsor the film and get an 'executive producer' credit. For £250 you can buy product placement and/or your company logo in the credits and an 'associate producer' credit. I'm adding 20 signed copies of Home for Christmas for anyone who sponsors £25.

The indiegogo account expires on 14th February. After that your chance to support the film and see your name in the credits is gone forever!

I know times are hard so totally understand if you can't afford to sponsor the film but if you could , blog or Facebook about this I'd be eternally grateful. Or if you work for a company that fancies some product placement in a film or their logo in the credits do point them towards my blog or the link below! I've DREAMED about seeing my characters come to life on the big screen and that dream is nearly within touching distance. I promise to visit the set and blog a million photos and videos if it does happen.

To find out more please visit:
and click on the video (I may have done a little squee when I saw my book being waved about by Jamie the producer!)

Poster inside the Duke of York's cinema:

(if you've read 'Home for Christmas' you can just about make out the ticket sales area where Beth and Carl worked!).

Go on... for just £10 you can become part of chicklit film history! ;)