Friday, 4 August 2006

First blog post

August started well with over 1,000 words (and a complete Flash) written on the first day. Yesterday - nothing. I forced myself to write this evening. I studied the prompts, even turned off the monitor (it's called a 'screen off' exercise and sometimes helps when you're blocked), but nothing cohesive came out and the words I typed didn't develop into an idea or a voice so I gave up.

Have had a bit of a 'where have all the words gone' time recently. Not the words I type so much as the words I choose. I recently re-read some of my old stuff (by that I mean pre-2005) and the language I used was so much richer, so much more vivid in those old stories. Riddled with cliches and terrible metaphors/similies yes, but there were a few gems. In my efforts not to be 'writerly' in my stories I seem to have stripped back the language so much that it's now become 'stock'. I need to read more, absorb words and put some of the language back into my stories. I need to write stuff that I promise myself I won't put out there for critting, give myself a bit of freedom back.

On a more upbeat note my first hit of August is official. My entry into the competition is going to be published by Fygleaves. The anthology will be called "39 Emergency Exits" and will include the winning stories from the comp as well as a bunch of the best. It'll be available from apparently and I can't wait to see it. My little folder of published stories is starting to get full. Yay!

The winning story in the Woman's Own Short Story competition was published on Tuesday which means mine will be out there sometime in the next 3 weeks. Ooooh - scary/exciting!

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