Friday, 18 August 2006

Road to Recovery

Sorry about the cliched title. I'm 80% better now but my brain is still a bit foggy. I can't believe it's the 18th August already. I haven't written for AGES and I started the month so well. *sigh*

I need to do some writing this weekend - whether I feel crap or not. I'm going to designate Sunday as "bloody do some writing day" and that's that.

In other news my story was published in "Woman's Own" on Tuesday. My photo looked goofy (would one of my 'pouty' photos really have been so bad, Mum?) and the story (edited to cut 1/4) read a bit choppy to me (I worked so HARD to get it to the word limit of 1,100 and not be choppy). I was a little disappointed - for all of 10 minutes or so until my friends (and members of one of my online writing groups) started saying nice things "it made me cry" and "very moving" etc and then I felt better (yes, I'm that fickle).

4 new rejections over the last week. 2 from Vestal Review (no surprise there!), one near miss from Cezanne's carrot (and an invite to re-write and re-sub) and a 'nearly there' from Flashquake (4 maybes and 1 yes). I'm due a hit... soon...please...

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