Thursday, 10 August 2006

Sleepiness shuts down the world

Very tired today. Last night's sleep, which felt more like a micro-nap and lasted all of 5 hours has wiped me out.

The crits have started to come in for the story I subbed to my online writer's group last Saturday and the scores and comments pretty much match my expectations. I knew there was something missing from the story - the plot was a bit thin, the theme was a bit vague and the main character's 'quirk' raised too many unanswered questions. So why didn't I fix it before I subbed it? I was too tired! And I also wasn't sure how to 'fix' the story. I'm still not sure. I think this is one to file away for a bit and see if any remedies pop into my subconscious.

Today I read some of the winning stories in a UK competition. There was a depth to each one that is missing from most of my stories. I try to write depth and layers into my stories but they always come out feeling a bit thin. I definitely need to read more (stories) and read more critically. How do other writers achieve what I find so elusive?

I feel quite frustrated. I know what I SHOULD be doing but I'm not doing it yet.

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