Saturday, 5 August 2006

There were words

3,165 of them to be exact. Last night I decided to take AK's (the guy who runs the online writing group I'm a member of) suggestion to 'write drunk' literally. Ok, so I wasn't drunk per se but I did have a couple of glasses of wine (or three) to oil the cogs, loosen the fingers and generally help block out the internal editor that keeps stopping me from writing anything.


I finished a story. I started writing at about 10 or 11pm (I'm a bit of a night owl) and by 2am I was seriously flagging and ready for my bed, but I didn't stop writing. I was scared I'd wake up in the morning and have lost the voice, the flow and/or the will to finish the story. (I've got quite a few stories that have been abandoned after the initial burst). So, I kept writing and at 3:37am I wrote the last word. I need to re-draft but I'm going to leave it alone today. Hopefully, when I re-read it tomorrow there will be a bit of space between me and words so I can read it objectively and spot any glaring mistakes, plot holes etc.

That's over 4,300 words written in the first 4 days of August now - and that's good.

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