Tuesday, 19 September 2006

2 rejections = 2 new subs

I read on another writer's blog last night that she'd received a call saying she was shortlisted for the Guildford Book Festival comp. That means my two stories didn't place. I was disappointed for about a second (the five shortlisted stories on that comp are read out on the radio and then the winner is voted for by the listeners) but then thought "Okay, plan B...send them out somewhere else."

Both of the stories have a distinct 'womag' feel so I've sent them off to two women's magazines. 'Womag' stories get short shrift in a lot of writing circles but I think that's unfair. It's snobbery. Literary stories (and novels) aren't for everyone. I heard yesterday that the romance genre, for example, is massively popular and dominates the publishing market. Other people like reading horror, sci fi or thrillers. LOTS of people like reading 'womag' fiction - if they didn't why would so many of the women's magazines publish it? We can't force the world to read literary fiction just because it is deemed 'superior' by some.

Why pigeon-hole yourself to be one kind of writer? I write when inspiration takes me and what comes out, comes out whether that be a horror story, a psychological thriller, a literary piece or a 'womag' story. I'm equally proud of all them - and even more so when a judge or an editor says they like it so much they want to publish it.

I now have 3 stories 'out there' with women's magazines. Fingers crossed one of them hits (and the money would be nice too!)

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