Sunday, 10 September 2006

A slow start to September

Two rejections early on this month - no joy in the Writer's Bureau or the Writespace comps. Tweaked the WB story and it's ready to be sent on to another comp and have sent the WS story (as is) to an online flash site. Fingers crossed one of them 'hits'.

I haven't written much this month. I recently found out that a friend of mine from school died suddenly and unexpectedly. The news has completely shaken me and has left me out of sorts. Just when you think you're starting to make sense of the world, news like this scrambles everything (including my brain). It's hard to write anything and everything I have written so far this month was about my friend. Guilt, disbelief, sorrow, shock - I've tried to express myself but the words jumble and merge. They are senseless, much like her death.

I wrote a flash today - not about death or loss. It was something and nothing, but at least I wrote.

I feel like I need to write something - a story in memorandum to my friend - but the words won't come and I wish, wish, wish I was a better writer. I wish I could do justice to her memory, to her, to our relationship. I know it's too soon to write but these feelings are burning inside me and need to get out.

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