Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Eurofiction - Task 1 complete!

Against all odds I actually managed to write a story for the Eurofiction competition - Task 1 (of 10).

There were three sets of prompts and two of them really appealled. I don't want to jeopardise my chances in the competition (or the score I'm given) by saying too much about my entry but the story I wrote was very different from the normal kind of story I write. There was something quite freeing about that. I started writing it on Monday afternoon and finally stopped typing at around 11pm. The idea wasn't totally fresh - one that's been floating around my head for a few years now but it really fitted the prompts and just had to be written. I gave it a quick proof-read today and emailed it in - a good five hours before the 7pm deadline too.

Am very chuffed. It's the first complete (and quite long) short story I've written in a while and I'm reasonably happy with it. I think the language needs some work and there may be a little too much repetition but I can work on those when/if I rewrite it (if it doesn't make it into the Eurofiction anthology). The scores for the first task will be announced in two weeks time. There are about 48 of us in the comp and the highest scoring story gets 30 points, the next 29 points, 28, 27, 26 etc down to 1 point. About eighteen stories (if we all managed to enter one for this task) will score 0 (null!) points. Cross your fingers my story scores - I'll be gutted if it doesn't!

I think the details of Task 2 are released after the deadline today so, in theory, I'll have 2 weeks to think up an idea, write the story and polish it up before submitting it. In practice I'm sure I'll just leave it till the last minute again. Ah well, it seems to work for me!

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