Sunday, 15 October 2006

I'm back!

I survived white water rafting, a jungle walk, leeches, an elephant ride, buses speeding perilously close to the edge of mountain roads, canoeing, crocodiles, mosquitos, bed bugs, stomach bugs and car/cow/motorbike/rickshaw crowded streets!

What an experience. So much crammed into 3 frantic weeks. It felt like we didn't stop - and we didn't. I wrote loads too - mostly about the experiences I was having but some short story ideas too. I need to look through my notebook to see if any are worth following up. I checked the internet while I was over there and got the Eurofiction prompts. I half hoped I'd write something while I was over there but only managed a couple of words of a beginning. I now have until 7pm on Tuesday to get it written. Nothing like a deadline to force me to write!

Good news and bad news when I got back. The bad news was a rejection from Woman's Weekly. They thought my story had a well worn theme but liked my writing and asked me sub other stuff. The good news was two shortlisted stories - one in the SlingInk short story comp and the other in the Helen Mullin awards and two stories accepted by Espresso Fiction (to be published in November this year and February next year). I also received an edited copy of the story I sent into the Skrev Press 'pastoral' comp saying it would be accepted into the anthology if I cut the word count by 200 and made the edits. I've done that (the only bit of 'writing' I've done since I got back at 11pm on Friday) and emailed it off. Fingers crossed the editor likes it and it goes in. It would be great to have another print hit.

Right - enough blogging. I've got a Eurofiction entry to write.

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