Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Children in Need critting DONE!

Yes! 5 out of 18 of my stories/poems have got into the 100+ score folder (2 by the skin of their teeth). This means nothing to anyone reading this but everything to me (it means they were deemed 'quite good'). The rest have ended up in the 90+ folder and a few are languishing in the 'splits' folder (which means some people think they are good, others think they're less impressive).

With about 40 stories in the 100+ folder I'm by no means assured a place in the final anthology but I'm crossing my RSI'd fingers.

Also good news is that some of the flashes can be re-written into longer stories. I did that last year with 'Under the Waves' and 'Producing Piglets' which got me, respectively, a first place and a highly commended prize in two different comps.

Current mood: hopeful

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