Friday, 17 November 2006

Children in Need - in progress

Well, it's 2:53am on Friday morning and I've been writing for Children in Need since 6pm on Thursday. Okay - that's not strictly true but it is 80% true!

Since 6pm Thursday I've written to seven hourly prompts - writing six flashes and a poem. I took an hour off at 8pm to watch I'm a Celebrity (sssh!) and for the last hour 2am-3am I haven't been able to make a story stick. I started 3 different flashes but didn't get anywhere with any of them.

VERY tired now. Am going to wait for the 3am prompts to see if any of them appeal. If they do I'll write - if they don't I'll sleep. How people who are writing for 30 hours are managing I have no idea!

Last year I wrote 15 flashes. This year I'm trying to write even more. If I can squeeze out one more flash or poem before I go to bed I'll hit the half-way mark for 16 flashes. My personal aim is to try and write 18...but we'll see.

Time to log off blogger and check the 3am prompts!

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