Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Eurofiction A3 Result

I am depressed to admit that my Eurofiction story only scored me another 3-pointer and I have slipped down the rankings from 3rd after task 1, to 12th after task 2 to 17th now. Scoring so well after the first task had me buzzing but two crappy scores one after another have left me a bit low. That said *rallies self* there are still SEVEN more stories to write so I may yet make up for lost ground. No hope in hell of winning this thing (the leader is on 80-something and I'm on a measley 33), but I'd like to write some more stories that are actually marketable (I entered the first one into a comp. If it doesn't place I'll sub it elsewhere).

To lighten the mood a little...

My Children in Need stories are doing quite well. Most of them are scoring in the mid to late 90s (none in the 80s thank god) and a few are averaging over 100 which is nice (one is even over 105 which puts me in with a chance *holds breath* of making the anthology). That said nothing is definite. I'll just have to cross my fingers and wait and see.

More good news...

Skrev-Press got in touch yesterday to ask for my address so they could send me something. "The A-Z of Clouds" is to be published their 'Pastoral' anthology. Yeah! When I checked their website I saw that the previous anthology has an ISBN number. That means it may be a proper, proper book. Woo! Will now be stalking the postman and running downstairs everytime the front door rings (although twice recently I've done that to find no-one there. When I return to my flat I find next door's cat sitting guiltily at the top of the stairs. I'm no DIY expert and there are two bare wires from the doorbell sticking out the bottom of my door. Me thinks the cat is playing knock down ginger and pressing the wires together!)

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