Sunday, 5 November 2006

Eurofiction Task 2 - Result

Well it seems I was spot on with thinking there was something not right with my second story for Eurofiction - it only scored 3 points! That makes me 12th out of 48 on the leaderboard right now.

I'm a bit disappointed but it just goes to show that my intuition about my stories is often right. I get a feeling when it's good and a...feeling...when it's bad. The prompts for Task 3 are out now and I'm floundering around a bit, looking for a good story idea. I've still got over a week to come up with one so I'm not getting despondent yet. I was bound to get a couple of disappointing scores during Eurofiction so better I get one sooner rather than later (I can only get better for Task 3...tho' actually I could do worse. There's the scary prospect of a null points of course!).

Anyway, onwards...

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