Sunday, 26 November 2006

Eurofiction Task A4 - done!

I finally wrote my A4 entry for Eurofiction. I was going to leave it until Monday but then realised I'm up off to London on Monday night for a facial (a much appreciated birthday gift from a friend who knows I've never had a facial. It's of the 'anti-stress' variety. I've got no idea what that involves but it sounds good to me) so decided to get it done today instead. I struggled, at first, to get any words down on the page but as I continued writing it started to get easier and easier until the story wrote itself.

Being the supersticious kind of person I am I've noticed that the last two times I've tried to predict my Eurofiction marks on this blog I've ended up with '3's each time. This time I'm saying nothing (and hoping that biting my tongue and crossing my fingers will work some magic on my score). I'll report back when I know.

Oh - and thank you to lovely Sonny from writersdock who left me a comment (my first comment - that's TWO people I know of who are reading this blog) to congratulate me on my Helen Mullin win. If the story hadn't been awarded second place in writersdock I wouldn't have had the confidence to sub it elsewhere. Go and visit now people. It's free, it's a vibrant community of writers and if they're running a comp any time soon - give it a go!

Anyone else reading this please feel free to comment and say hello. You don't even have to use your real name!

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