Sunday, 17 December 2006

Eurofiction A5 Results

Ha! They liked it! My A5 story scored 21 points which I'm pleased with (and has pushed my ranking up to 15th out of 48). I've already edited and tightened the story and I think I'm going to sub it to a womag in the new year. I still have two womag submissions out there and no feedback so far. Unfortunately I didn't record when I sent them out but another sub I sent out at the same time came back as a rejection a month or so ago. I think I'll give them until the end of January and then sub them elsewhere. Note to self: keep sub records UP-TO-DATE!

The next Eurofiction entry has to be in by Boxing Day which is going to be tough. I don't have an idea for a story yet, but no change there (ALL the stories I've subbed so far have either been written and sent in hours before the deadline or, at most, 48 hours before).

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