Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Merry Christmas - now back to writing!

I left it to the last minute to get my B1 entry in to Eurofiction. Some how the two weeks allowed slipped away and I found myself finishing my story at 3am on Boxing Day! I'd had a couple of ideas during the 2 weeks allowed but they managed to become either too convoluted or too confusing so I kept putting off writing my story.

The deadline to get my story in was 7pm Boxing Day. Sounds reasonable? Yep, but I knew I was going to spend most of Boxing day travelling so I had to get my story written and sent in before I went to bed on Christmas Day. So, I sat down at my parents' computer at 11.30pm, with only the vaguest of ideas in my head and started to type. At 3am I was done and sent it in. How it will do I have absolutely no idea but I know it's probably riddled with typos. Still, I promised myself I'd get a story in for every deadline and, so far, I have. 6/10 done. 4 more to go!

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