Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Merry Christmas - now back to writing!

I left it to the last minute to get my B1 entry in to Eurofiction. Some how the two weeks allowed slipped away and I found myself finishing my story at 3am on Boxing Day! I'd had a couple of ideas during the 2 weeks allowed but they managed to become either too convoluted or too confusing so I kept putting off writing my story.

The deadline to get my story in was 7pm Boxing Day. Sounds reasonable? Yep, but I knew I was going to spend most of Boxing day travelling so I had to get my story written and sent in before I went to bed on Christmas Day. So, I sat down at my parents' computer at 11.30pm, with only the vaguest of ideas in my head and started to type. At 3am I was done and sent it in. How it will do I have absolutely no idea but I know it's probably riddled with typos. Still, I promised myself I'd get a story in for every deadline and, so far, I have. 6/10 done. 4 more to go!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Eurofiction A5 Results

Ha! They liked it! My A5 story scored 21 points which I'm pleased with (and has pushed my ranking up to 15th out of 48). I've already edited and tightened the story and I think I'm going to sub it to a womag in the new year. I still have two womag submissions out there and no feedback so far. Unfortunately I didn't record when I sent them out but another sub I sent out at the same time came back as a rejection a month or so ago. I think I'll give them until the end of January and then sub them elsewhere. Note to self: keep sub records UP-TO-DATE!

The next Eurofiction entry has to be in by Boxing Day which is going to be tough. I don't have an idea for a story yet, but no change there (ALL the stories I've subbed so far have either been written and sent in hours before the deadline or, at most, 48 hours before).

Monday, 11 December 2006

14 Day Drought Quenched

Hoorah! Writing drought over (for now). After my miserable 'I can't be arsed' post the other day I'm glad to announce that I've actually written something! Yes, after fourteen days of writing wilderness I pulled my finger out tonight and wrote my Task A5 entry for Eurofiction. I so nearly, nearly gave this task a miss but the thought of my overall ranking falling even lower than it currently is was more than I could bear so, despite not having a single idea in my head, I sat down with the laptop this evening and told myself to 'just bloody write something'. Slowly, slowly an idea started to form and, just over 2,000 words later, I finished it.

I'm still superstitious about saying anything about it until after the scores are announced so I'm saying nothing. Well, apart from this, the judges will either love it or hate it. Either way, I know there's a market for this kind of story so, unless it comes first in this heat (ahem, yeah right) I'm going to polish it and sub it.

I will finish Eurofiction. I will I will. I'm going to complete all 10 tasks come hell or high water*.

*Apologies for the cliche-fest that is this post but I'm all worded out.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Pre-Xmas Blahs!

Not feeling very motivated at the moment. I have 14 flashes left over from CiN that need polishing and subbing. Can I be arsed to do it? Nope.

I have to submit task A5 to Eurofiction on Tuesday can I be arsed to do it? Nope.

I need to write and crit for my other writing group. Can I be arsed? Nope.

I'm not sure what's happened. Either CiN sucked me dry or the internet has sucked out all my creativity as I trawl its depth for Christmas presents (this year I've done 90% of my Christmas shopping online), but either way I'm having trouble putting my 'writing head' (ala Worzel Gummidge) back on. There seem to be so many other things to think about at this time of year that writing just isn't getting a look in (which is slightly worrying).

Oh, btw, my last Eurofiction entry did better than the previous two - it got 7 points - but didn't exactly blow the competition out of the water! I'm going to try and get an entry in for A5 but my head is a bit empty on ideas at the moment. I think it's going to have to be a case of sit down, face empty screen, search for a character and start writing.