Monday, 29 January 2007


The central heating man from British Gas just left after giving me a quote for my old 1970's back boiler to be replaced with a combi boiler. I live in the world's tiniest 1 bedroom flat.

Guess how much he quoted?

Go on...guess...

Now double that figure.


I've seen house makeover shows where they've installed a brand new central heating system to a 3 bedroom house with no heating system at all for less than that.

I've now been trying to get my boiler sorted for 18 months. I must have contacted at least 10 different companies now. Some don't reply to my enquiry for a quote, some come round and then never deliver promised quote, some give me massive quotes that I can't begin to afford(British Gas) and some are obviously cowboys.

To make matters worse when I asked an estate agent whether or not a new boiler would add value to my flat he said "No, but it would make it easier to sell." FIVE GRAND TO MAKE IT EASIER TO SELL? What? I could get the bloody House Doctor in for less than that. In the meantime I'm sitting here hoping I'm not poisoning myself with Carbon Monoxide.

This absolutely, totally sucks.


I only got 8 points in Eurofiction which means my ranking has slipped to something like 16th.

Today is not a good day.

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