Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Eurofiction B1 Result

18 points. Not bad considering I wrote the entry at the very last minute. Haven't received the one line feedback from the judges yet, but hope it might reveal what I need to do to make the story better. To be honest I think it's one of those stories I need to put away in a drawer for a bit and re-visit at a later date so I can review it with a fresh eye (off the top of my head I think it may suffer from being a bit 'telly' at the moment). It's not a great story, as is, but I think there's potential there.

Currently standing in the Eurofiction leader board: 13th out of 48.

There's no chance of getting up to the top but I'd like to finish in the top 10. I need to pull my socks up and get writing some good stuff for the last 4 stories. I've already got an idea for task B2 (which is a nice change after having no idea for the last one until the very last minute) so I'm going to cogitate on it for a bit and build up the characters in my head until the story is aching to be written.

There's also a comp I need to start thinking about. The closing date is 15th January so I haven't got much time to come up with an idea and get writing but, hey, I seem to thrive on pressure so I'll give it a go.

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