Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Eurofiction Task B2

Gawd - can my titles be any more boring?

Anyway, I got 19 points for my last Eurofiction entry which has boosted me up to position # 11 (out of 48) in the rankings. Woo-hoo! My aim is to finish this comp in the top 10 and only 3 more tasks to go (one of which I sent in yesterday). Of course this will probably be the week when I score a measley 3 or 7 again and my position will slump but I can but hope (previous scores, for the first seven tasks were: 27, 3, 3, 7, 21, 18, 19).

In other news I sent off one of my stories to a publisher who'd issues a call for crime stories. I got a lovely reply almost immediately saying how refreshing it was to receive submissions from someone who could write (validation - yay!) but that one of the stories was too poetic and the other was close but in the 1st person (he preferred 3rd) and a little too gritty for his audience so could I re-write it in the 3rd person and make it less gritty. Why of course! It's back with him now and he said he'd look at it by the end of next week. I still think it's a little too gritty for his target audience (60+) but I'll cross my fingers anyway (and live off the 'you can write' comment for a bit longer!)

What else? Oh - have sent off a few submissions. My submission rate currently stands at 15 for this month (which is pretty good for me). Most of them are CiN flashes and stories I wrote for Eurofiction (see, see, it did do me some good) so, again, fingers crossed some of them 'hit' because I haven't had a hit since November.

I have to say my writing hasn't been too 'literary' recently but I'm trying not to let that bother me. If people like my more commercial (womag) writing what's the problem there? Huh? Huh?

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Sally Quilford said...

Hi Cally
Good luck in the Slingink competition!

Hey there's nothing wrong with making a bit of cash from your hard work. That and getting your story in a publication sold in every newsagents and supermarket makes it all worth while. :-)