Monday, 5 February 2007

The end is in sight

For Eurofiction I mean. I've just sent off my entry for B4. Only one more and it's over. I thought that Eurofiction would get me writing more and, in many ways, it has but whether or not I've written quality stories is another question. Some of them aren't bad - and I've even subbed a couple - but a handful of them will probably just remain on my hard drive and never see the published light of day.

In many ways it's been a good experience. HAVING to write a story every two weeks has forced me to write but, on the other hand, it seems to have drained me and I haven't written much else (two short stories on the train - neither of which were particularly successful in my critting group). I'm looking forward to it finishing so that I can concentrate on writing stories that really matter to me, rather than just writing for the sake of writing.

I've been subbing quite a lot recently. Trawling through my writing folders I've found a few flashes that I'm really quite fond of so they've gone out. Sometimes you stumble across bits of your writing that make you think "did I really write that?" (and in a good way sometimes).

I've got a new challenge ahead of me - to write in a genre that I haven't really written in before - but, if I'm successful, it'll mean they're published AND I'll get paid. With this week's Eurofiction out of the way I can finally start dreaming up some ideas and studying the genre in more detail.

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