Wednesday, 28 February 2007

A hit at Chick Flicks Ezine

Hooray - a hit!

Just got a lovely email from the editor at Chick Flicks ezine to let me know that they've accepted my story (just under 1,000 words) "Black Dogs and Veils". Despite the name of the ezine it's not a site for light, fluffy womag writing.

What's great is that it says on the CF website not to send them suicide stories (as they get too many) unless you have something original to say. I thought my flash DID have something original to say so I sent it off with a cover note. The feedback from the editor said "You brought a fresh approach to a common subject, just what we look for " and made my day!

The piece they accepted is a flash I wrote during the Children in Need writeathon last year and it's good to have found a home for one of the stories I wrote then (I've subbed most of the others too and am waiting for feedback).

Anyway, my flash will appear in the next Issue (Issue 10 I think) . The ezine is here:

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