Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Chinese Fortune sticks cont...

Last night I asked the sticks if I would live happily ever after.

The reply?

"You made an unreasonable wish."


But I did write over 800 words of the novel and 10,000 words is nearly within my grasp. Am off out to see Damien Rice tonight ( his gig, rather than a personal rendez-vous) so probably won't get chance to write any more.

Am liking how, now I'm actually writing the novel rather than just umming and ahhing about whether or not to start it, ideas are starting to pop into my head. At about midnight last night I sat bolt upright in bed and scribbled down three ideas for new scenes/tweaks to existing scenes before I forgot them. Am fast accruing a stack of random bits of paper with scribbles on. Must keep them all in one place (and re-read them).

Photo copyright me 2007. Bungalow, Cowes, Isle of Wight.


A. Writer said...

This is the tarot/palm reader coming out in me-did you really focus on your question when you asked the sticks?

Well done on writing over 800 words! It's great when you get a big chunk written, isn't it?

I love it when ideas just pop out at you from no where! I too have notes lying all over the place, in pockets, in my bag, under my bed...

Cally said...

Well I would like to live happily ever after but I did make that wish with a serious amount of doubt!