Thursday, 22 March 2007

Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks

I bought some Chinese fortune telling sticks today. I saw them in the sale in Cargo about a week ago and my heart skipped a little beat.


Well, when I was at school one of my Chinese friends had a set and very occasionally she'd get them out and let us have a go. What you do is hold the container in your hands (at a slight angle) and make a wish. Then you shake/agitate the container until the sticks start to move forward and inch their way out of the pot. When one stick ehr sticks out more than the rest that's your fortune stick. You take it out, check the number that's printed on it and look up that number in the little paper book that comes with the sticks.

Now, I was twelve a very, very long time ago (or so it feels) but I do remember that we were astounded by how accurate the sticks were. We used to beg Alex to have another go but apparently you can only use them once a day (that's still 365 wishes a year so you can't really complain!). Anyway, I saw the sticks on sale last week and I got really excited because it was the first set I'd ever seen since Alex's, all those years ago.

The sticks were reduced from £29 to £19 which in itself is a pretty good reduction but I was utterly skint. I nearly bought them on my credit card but stopped myself (New Year's resolution - stop buying stuff with credit card). Instead I thought I'd wait until pay day and if they're still there I'll get them.

So today I went back to the shop and nearly cried when I couldn't see them. They were gone! I searched the whole shop and finally found them squirrelled away in a corner of the basement. They were still £19 (which I don't think it cheap for a bunch of sticks in a cardboard box) but one of the members of staff was sticking stickers on the other sale items so I thought I'd chance my luck and ask if the sticks were going to be further reduced (I never, ever do that normally. For some reason shop staff tend to treat me like I've got something stinky stuck to my shoe).

Anyway, much to my delight and surprise, she said "I'll just go and check for you." She returned with a new sticker in her hand which she affixed to the box of sticks I was holding.

"They've gone down to £9.50," she said.

Result! The sticks had already saved me a fortune (boom, boom).

I couldn't wait to get the sticks home and try them (you try shaking a box of sticks in an open office and see what kind of reaction you get!) and try them I did about 10 minutes ago. I closed my eyes, made a wish and shook (the sticks). The result?

Number 39:


You've drawn today a "Thirty-nine"

For business deals it's very fine.


A fortune is your aim in life.

Your firm and main desire;

you'll struggle hard, but don't give up,

you'll win if you don't tire.

You have made a hasty promise that you regret, but must keep.

You will get your wish.

Now I'm not sure about fortune being my main aim in life but I do want to write a bestselling novel so they're right on the nose there. I'll have to struggle hard? Hmm. Sounds about right. Hasty promise? *thinks* Not sure what that is but if I work it out I'll keep it (don't like the sound of the regret bit though).

But the best bit - I get my wish! (and I'm not telling what it is in case that jinxes it and I don't get it).

p.s. Yes, I know I'm sad!


A. Writer said...

There's nothing sad about that! I'd be exactly the same!

I've never heard of Chinese Fortune Sticks but I like them already! I'm learning to read the Tarot Cards at the moment.

Hope your wish comes true!

Cally said...

Thanks 'A'.

I'm a complete sucker for buying stuff that reminds me of happy times in the past. Doesn't matter if it's toys, music or films. If I see it and it stirs up good memories I have to get it!

I'm not really into horoscopes and stuff like that but I've always had a certain amount of curiousity about Tarot. I was given a pack about five years ago but I didn't have the patience to study them and sleep with one under my pillow at night (well, that's what it said I should do in the booklet that came with them!). Would be interested in getting my Tarot read one day (but also a little bit scared!)

A. Writer said...

Yeah, I'm like that too. I buy things that remind me of happy memories.

I may be studying the Tarot but I'm too chicken to get my own Tarot cards read! I know they don't tell you anything bad but still, it's a bit spooky!