Sunday, 25 March 2007

Film Review: 300

So, no new words on the novel yesterday but I did go to the cinema. I wanted to see "Amazing Grace" but was convinced to give "300" a go instead.

In case you haven't heard about it it's about how 300 Spartans try and defend their nation against the million plus Persian army. Apparently it's based on a comic (I didn't know that before I went to see the film) and is directed by the same guy who directed "Sin City" (a film I really didn't like). My one word summary of this film is:


It's awful. Oh God I can't express the true awfulness of the film. The dialogue is appalling, the narrator is repetitive and annoying, the characters are two dimensional, the look and feel of the cinematography makes everything and everyone look plastic wrapped. Yes there are men with six packs in little more than a cloak, underpants and sandals but the whole thing is so unashamedly homoerotic that even the sight of toned, semi-clad men didn't distract me from how truly terrible this film is. I laughed all the way through it (at one particular shot in the sex scene and, most often, at the dialogue) and I just didn't care when people died (this is a film that shows the protagonists - who you should be rooting for - dropping 'small' babies off a cliff at the start). Each sepia soaked scene made me groan. The film is style over substance and left me feeling robbed (I was, of the £6.70 it cost for the ticket).

I want those two hours of my life back. On your head be it if you decide to go and see it.

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