Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My Idea of Hell...

From the Bookseller website:

Agent Tony Cowell is to launch a new Dragon's Den-style show on ITV London which will seek out new author talent for publication under the Random House Group's Arrow imprint. The series of six 30-minute programmes will air at 6pm on Sundays starting 1st July on ITV London, sponsored by Borders and produced by independent production company Prospect Pictures.

It will be repeated on one of Sky's digital channels.Would-be authors will pitch their books to three judges: Cowell--who is himself an author with John Blake and the brother of The X-Factor's Simon Cowell--agent Ali Gunn and "a bestselling author" to be chosen by Random House. Around two thirds of the programme will be devoted to the contest, and the remainder will show an interview with another bestselling author about how they got started.

"There are just as many wannabe writers out there as there are wannabe singers but I don't think many people know how the industry works," Cowell said. "We're going to create a similar feel to Dragon's Den where people come into this really frightening pitching room [but] we're not going to shout at them. It's not like the X-Factor ..."

It sounds like my idea of hell (being on it that is) but I'm soooooooo gonna watch it!


A. Writer said...

I'm like you, I couldn't be on it but I'd watch it! I'd be totally intrigued!

Cally said...

I imagine only extroverts and showoffs will enter but I could be wrong.

A. Writer said...

Either way I think it should make interesting viewing.