Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Novel Progress - Synopsis

So the novel word count has sneaked up a tad (a tiny 0.3% of a tad) but I'm pleased to announce that I've written the synopsis. Okay, I've written the first draft of the synopsis which is particularly impressive (to me) because I'm not 100% sure what happens in the book.

Anyway, the synopsis is currently around 934 words which is a page and a half (single spacing) or near enough. Anyone know if that's acceptable? Or whether I should trim it to a page? I researched synopsises (synopsi?) on the interweb last night and apparently they should be a page to two pages long. Maybe two pages is too long for this competition - particularly if they have to read thousands? Okay, have decided. Will try and cut it down to one page.

The good thing about writing the synopsis this early on is that it actually gave me some new ideas for the novel. Two new characters even appeared. Whether they end up having decent parts in the story or if they're just bit players I have no idea. I guess I'll just have to write it to find out.


A. Writer said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I read your another person entering the Miss Write competition! I'm doing it too!

I've not entered yet but I will be soon! The synopsis that I'm sending in is roughly 2 pages long. But that's in double spacing.

And I wouldn't worry about the word count every 0.3% is a better than 0%, that's the way I look at it!

Happy writing!

Cally said...

My pleasure. I was googling the competition to see if I could find any extra info on it when I stumbled across your blog. Congrats on already finishing one novel. Is that the one you'll be entering or is it the second one you'll be entering?

Thanks for the synopsis info. I've just cut mine down so it's 2 pages, double spaced. That was hard work in itself. It's hard knowing what to leave out and what needs to stay.

A. Writer said...

I'm not sure which to enter! I think the second one is the better of the two but I like the first one! I have a lot of affection for it.
I've had a lot of positive reviews on the first one but no one has read the second one yet! So I don't know!!!

Writing the synopsis for the first novel was extremely hard for me. I still don't know if it sounds right! Like you I wasn't sure what leave in and what to take out!

Cally said...

Maybe you could ask people who've already looked at the first one to tell you what they think of the second. That way you can get an objective view of which is better!

A. Writer said...

Good idea! Might do that! Thanks!