Sunday, 25 March 2007

Novel Progress - Update

Didn't really feel like writing today but felt guilty about my lack of words yesterday so sat down with the laptop and prepared to type.

I'm not sure if anyone else does this but I need to go over the last few paragraphs (to get myself into the right frame of mind) before I can start writing anything new. Anyway, tonight the last few paragraphs seemed a bit thin and needed some extra work (words) so I did a fair bit of work there before I progressed with the story. Progression was the tricky bit. I'm now onto the second chapter and it's much less clear in my mind than the first chapter. That said, once I got going the words started to flow and my character's entrance into chapter two was different from how I'd initally imagined it. It worked though (I think) and she's just met the third character in the book (there are eight main characters in the book at the moment but only four of them are pivital, including my protagonist). She doesn't like him - so that's going to be interesting.

Am currently deliberating about whether or not to tell the story from the protagonist's POV (1st person) all the way through or whether or not it might make the story a bit more rounded if 3 of the other main characters get the chance to tell their story too. Then again, if I do that, it might give too much away and ruin the climax of the story. I think that I'm going to continue just writing from the protagonist's POV at the moment and reconsider if the story seems to move a little too quickly.

Anyway, 1,000 words written so that's me for tonight. 8,309 words written in total (9.2% of novel). My first milestone of 10,000 words isn't looking too far away now.

p.s. Word counter thingy appears to be down so I can't add the new words. :o(

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