Friday, 23 March 2007

Novel Progress - What Do you Write To?

Progress is going well. I wrote nearly 2,000 words yesterday and nearly 1,000 today (would be more but I've got people coming over in half an hour so I just had to squeeze some words out in an hour).

At the moment my big push is to get over the 10,000 word mark. Once I hit double digit thousands I'll feel like I'm making real progress and that I can't turn back once I get that far (not that I would anyway but it's all psychological).

I've been fighting a few writing demons over the last couple of days. It's just the normal stuff i.e. can I actually write? is my character fully rounded? does my dialogue suck? am I putting in too little description? am I pushing the boundaries of suspension of disbelief too far? (my story doesn't fit into the normal chick-lit "sex, shoes and shopping" box. There's no sex, no shoes and no shopping for a start). Anyway, in an attempt to block out those dastardly writing demons I've been writing to music. This is something I often do with short stories (and should do more often). It helps drown out the internal editor and focuses me on just writing. It also helps if I'm aiming for a certain mood in a scene so if I'm writing something sad I'll listen to something sad. If I'm writing something upbeat I'll listen to something up... you get the picture.

So the question is - what do you listen to when you're writing? Does listen to a song with lyrics do it for you? Do you prefer classical? Maybe you write with the blare of the TV on in the background or the waffle of the radio? Maybe you prefer silence?

And another question related to that - how do you get into the mood of a scene? Do you visualise it? Do you try and step into your characters shoes and feel it? Do you listen to music to change your own mood before you write?


A. Writer said...

You wrote about your writing demons... I have them too. I call them Wobbles. I once got them so bad I nearly deleted my entire first WIP (77,777 words down the pan!) but I got over my 'wobble' and didn't delete it.

I write to music. All sorts of kinds... From chart stuff to musicals. I like it loud enough so that it drowns out any other noise and I'm in my own little world, just me, my laptop and my music.

I visualise the scene that I'm writing. Sometimes I pretend I'm the character, I get into the characters mind better.

Well done with the word count!

A. Writer said...

That's my myspace.

Clare said...

Until recently I've found music too distracting. But when I was working on the final draft of my latest novel and struggling with motivation, I took to putting headphones on and listening to very hard, loud music - stuff like Nirvana - and it quickly faded into the background, allowing me to concentrate but giving me that extra motivational boost I needed to keep going. A bit like a marathon runner having their trainer run alongside and shout at them to keep going!

Cally said...
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Cally said...

Oooh - thanks so much for commenting Clare. I've been reading your blog (in a lurky kind of way) for a while now. I LOVE your teenaged diary excerpts. They make me wish I hadn't destroyed my diary in a fit of paranoia when I was 21!