Friday, 16 March 2007

Novel Progress

In one word - slow.

I haven't been living at home for the last few weeks and I think that's shaken me out of my novel writing mindset. That said I have managed to write a story (for the editor who asked me to try writing something back in January). I subbed it to him and I'll hear if he likes it in about a month. I have another idea for that particular series which I might try and write in the next month. I've also written a couple of flashes recently.

Tonight (temporarily back home for a night) I thought I'd have a go at the novel again. I only managed 784 words which doesn't sound particularly impressive but it has pushed the word count up to 1,684 (1.8% of the finished 90,000 word novel done!) which is over halfway to the 3,000 words I need to submit to the comp at the end of May. That means I've got 2.5 months to write 1,316 words and edit the whole lot. I think that can be done! (particularly as I know where I am with the beginning. It's just the middle bit I'm not sure clear about, but there's a long way to go before I get there so I'm not too worried, yet!)

And - totally off subject - how good was the Catherine Tate/David Tennant sketch on Comic Relief tonight? Made me laugh loads. "Bovvered" is such a good character. Oh, and well done Tara for winning Fame Academy - the girl's got guts.

Writing AND watching TV at the same time? Ah the joys of multitasking!

Photo copyright me. Bruges, Belgium 2006.

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