Monday, 26 March 2007

Things you shouldn't do when writing a (sort of) chick-lit novel...

1) Read internet articles about how crap chick-lit novels are
2) Read internet articles about how the chick-lit market is over saturated/over
3) Read internet articles about how novels by female writers are invariably slated by male critics
4) Read internet articles about how you can't make a living by writing a novel (unless you are a celebrity or a JK Rowling/Dan Brown rarity)
5) Read internet articles about how hard it is to get published
6) Read blogs written by anonymous agents which reveal that they only sign 1 author out of every 1,200 slush pile submissions
7) Read the (bad) amazon reviews of other chick-lit novels and wonder what kind of criticism your novel might get
8) Obsessively search the internet to try and find out if anyone has ever written anything similar to your novel and, when you can't find anything, assume you're not looking hard enough

Any more anyone wants to add?

(all this and I haven't even written 10,000 words yet. Me, a compulsive worrier/analyser/control freak? Never!)

1 comment:

A. Writer said...

Eek! That's a horrible list! I can safely say I've only done 2, 3 and 7.

It makes you think that's for sure.