Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Amazon fillers ( or - how to get your order to qualify for free delivery without spending a fortune)

You know the scenario... you're shopping on Amazon and you've bought a couple of books. The total comes to, say, £13.86 and Amazon says 'just spend a little bit more and you'll qualify for the £15 spent free delivery special.' Okay, you think, I'll go and buy something else. So you buy something you don't really want or need and all of a sudden your bill comes to £22 - you've qualified for free delivery but the total is way more than you wanted to spend!

What's the answer?

This site:


It lists all the really cheap 'filler' items you can buy on Amazon to push your shopping cart total to just over £15 without you spending a fortune.

I bought a book of short stories by Louisa M. Alcott for £1.02 but you can find even cheaper items on there (from 25p upwards). Give it a go!


Helen said...

Hi Cally! I've noticed from Kate Harrison's website that you have joined the novel race. Welcome. I have been reading your blog for about two weeks (there is a link on A. Writer's blog to yours) and I have found it really useful and motivating. I hope you didn't mind me lurking. You are where I would like to be in a little while with short stories written, entering competitions and sending them off to women's magazines. Thank you for the inspiration (and tips) and welcome to the race.

Cally said...

Hello Helen!

Of course I don't mind you lurking - the more readers and comments the better in my opinion. I find it really motivates me to get off my arse and keep writing!

Am surprised (but delighted) that you find my blog useful and motivating. It's strange - even though I've had a fair few short stories published and had a few comp successes I still feel very much like a beginner writer. Strange isn't it? Maybe you never feel 'experienced' or 'mature' as a writer - or maybe that's just me. Either way I'm glad my blog is helpful. I ummed and ahhed a long time before setting it up.

Do check out Sally Quilford's blog too (in my links section) if you're interested in writing short stories. She's had some great successes and there's always some helpful hint or competition tip-off on her blog.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Do come again soon!

Quillers said...

Thanks for the tip about the filler items, Cally. I did the same last week on Amazon (just bought something else to get free postage) and ended up spending £28!

Thanks for the plug too. I'm blushing ;-) Good luck, Helen. The water soon warms up after you've been paddling for a while!