Sunday, 15 April 2007

Anxiety Dreams

Yesterday I edited part of the opening where the MC thinks she's having an anxiety dream...

then I went to bed and...

had an anxiety dream!

My dream was even more traumatic than the MCs (she thinks she's naked on Oxford street). I dreamed I was on the tube and was grabbing all my stuff (which was scattered throughout the carriage) so I could get off at my stop. In my hurry I forgot to grab my laptop which I'd left on the seat. When I turned round it had been stolen. My novel - gone! To make matters worse my flash stick was still attached. My back up copy of my novel - gone! Every last word gone.

I have never, ever been so happy to wake up and realise I'd been dreaming.

Note to self: back up novel on CD regularly and distribute throughout house.

Went out for most of today (and lost £20 on the Grand National - boo!) so didn't do too much work on the novel but did edit several bits this morning that I was really happy with. Which was nice.


Quillers said...

arrghh! That's a warning to you to keep it safe! Or more probably an indication of the anxieties you do have regarding the novel. Not just of losing it, but of other people losing the point of it i.e. not seeing in it what you want them to see.

Did I tell you I lost about 30k words of a novel last year? Not the one I'm writing now (which is significant). Luckily one of my husband's friends managed to rescue it from the hard drive, but by the time he had, I'd gone off the boil with it. It's still there, waiting to be finished. So yes, always back up! (she says rushing to back up what she's written this morning...)

Kathmcg said...

Try backing up to Yahoo briefcase or similar.

That way even if the house burns down your novel is safe!

Cally said...

Oh God Sally, 30k lost! I think I'd cry or break things or both. Lucky someone managed to retrieve it for you. I can see why you might go off the boil with it!

I actually read a blog or comment somewhere about someone losing their laptop with their backup CD of their novel still in the CD drawer which is, I think, what prompted my dream though the worry that no one else will 'get' my novel is a very valid suggestion!

Kath - thanks for the suggestion. I just googled Yahoo briefcase and uploaded the novel so far. Thanks so much for that.

Quillers said...

Yes, Yahoo briefcase is a pretty good resource. I've got a memory stick on which I put my novel, then I have a back up memory stick and if that fails, I'm emailing my finished novel to my daughter for her to save on her computer.(I've bribed her into saving it by saying she can cash in if I die...)