Monday, 23 April 2007

Can I Speak to Elvis, Please?

Someone just rang my mobile and said "Can I speak to Elvis, please?"

"Elvis?" I said.

"Yeah. Oh, sorry, I think I've got the wrong number."

I think there must be a short story in there somewhere.

Talking of short stories I did write a short story last night (much to my surprise!). Great, I thought when I'd finished, a 1,500 word story on the theme of 'seven' for the Lymm Festival comp (I won a Highly Commended there last year). I googled the comp so I could print out the entry form...

Oh dear. New Lymm Festival rules this year 'your entry must fit on a single side of A4'. My story was 3.5 pages of A4!

Ah well, rather than brutally chop my story (which I really quite like) to get it down to a single side of A4 I'm going to write something new for Lymm and send my story somewhere else instead.

Still can't quite believe I wrote some of my novel and a short story last night. Just goes to prove what happens when you turn off the TV and put some music on instead (well, for me anyway)


Quillers said...

Well done on both, Cally. Sometimes one lot of writing leads to another.

Re your Lymm entry, you could send it in Times New Roman 2pt ;-)

Cally said...

Ha! I did think about reducing the font size and taking out all the paragraph breaks but I suspect most of the judges might not take too kindly to that (I'd bet money on the fact that people do end up using pretty small font sizes though!)