Saturday, 28 April 2007

A day of editing

Yesterday I printed out the first 3,000 words of my novel and a short story I wrote earlier this week. I used my normal 'trick' and changed the font and the font size before I printed them out. It's a useful trick if you feel too close to your words to edit them properly. It's as though seeing them in a different font from normal makes them look like someone else's work. Anyway, it works for me!

So today I had a read through of both, made a few changes/tweaks on paper and have just made the changes to the electronic copies. I think/hope I'm pretty much done with the first 3,000 words of my novel now (especially after my recent synopsis fiasco!). I'm going to print it out one more time and then put it in a drawer to be read one last time, next week.

I need to move on with the novel and forget about the beginning. Halfway (45,000) words is looking tantalisingly close now.

The story is pretty much done too so I'll sub that to the comp I have in mind for it next week. The other story I wrote recently is recently getting anonymously critted in my writing group. When that's all done and dusted I'll take a look at the comments and edit it according to the ones I agree with!

Okay - time for dinner and a dose of TV - and then on with the novel this evening.

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Quillers said...

It is tempting to keep going back and twiddling with the beginning rather than moving on with the novel, Cally. I think I'd have got to the end of mine much quicker if I'd just left the first couple of chapters alone!