Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Guilt, Depressing Films, Excitement

Not much to report here really.


Wrote 1,200ish words on the novel on Monday (pushing it to over 15,000 words) but wrote nothing yesterday. I feel horribly guilty if I don't write at least a few words a day (normally at least 800) but yesterday I gave myself the day off. Am determined to write something today as I've got this feeling that, if I don't, I may lose my grip on the novel and one day of not writing may become two or three or a week or a month and I'll have started another novel that I won't ever finish. So yes - today I will write.

Depressing Films

The other night I watched The Last Kiss. It has to be one of the singularly most depressing films I've ever seen. Now, on the whole, I'm rather partial to a depressing film - particularly if it's a depressing romance (e.g. The English Patient, The End of the Affair etc) but The Last Kiss was just horrible. It's probably a fairly realistic representation about how some men react to the whole commitment, family thing when they're in their late 20s/early 30s but that certainly doesn't make it any more enjoyable - particularly when you're a woman in her early thirties! Also, despite appearances to the contrary (it features Zach Braff from Scrubs), the film is not the slightest bit funny.


News the other day that I've placed in a short story competition. I'm not first, that much I do know, but I don't know if I'm second or third or fourth or what kind of cash prize I'll receive (though I'm hopeful there will be some kind of cash prize). I won't find out until Thursday next week (12th April) so will report back then.

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A. Writer said...

Well done in the competition!

I also feel guilty when I don't write for a while. Recently I've hardly written anything. I just can't get in the mood.