Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I'm a Novel Racer!

Hooray! Kate Harrison (author of 'Brown Owl's Guide to Life' and many other novels) has added me to the novel racer list on her blog which means I'm now officially 'racing' to get my novel finished along with all the other lovely racers (some of whom have already..err...finished. I never was very good at races - unless you count the National* Brownie Egg and Spoon Race in 1981 which I WON!)

Anyway, I've been reading all the blogs for ages and thought it was finally time to pull my finger out and join in. Now I officially have to finish writing this novel - not that I wasn't going to anyway but this is added impetus.

* National meaning Germany - it was for Brownies whose Dads were in the armed forces and we were living over there at the time (to be honest I don't think there were that many of us).

P.S. Rather annoyingly Blogger won't let me add the list of novel racer blogs at the moment (some kind of javascript error). Will try again soon.


JJ said...

Hi Cally

I'm JJ, from Tea Stains, one of the novel racers. Welcome aboard. I've had a brief look at your blog, but I'll come back and have a good look with a bit more time.

Nice to meet you.

Cally said...

Thanks JJ. Good to see you here.

A. Writer said...

Yay! You're a novel racer! Welcome!

liz fenwick said...

Hi Cally, welcome to a great support group. I'm one of those who has finished......well sort of as it is a very roungh draft so before long I will be firing up to the first revision!

Look forward to watching your progress :-)

Cally said...

Thanks A.Writer - I thought it was about time I joined!

Thanks Liz - congrats on getting a first draft finished. I dream of that moment (though not of the second draft!)