Monday, 16 April 2007

Novel Progress - 1st 3,000 words and synopsis re-drafted

After much, much reading and re-reading and editing and tweaking and printing out and scribbling and typing and re-printing and re-reading and re-editing and scribbling and typing and even, at one point, reading aloud into a digital microphone and listening and more scribbling and typing...I AM DONE.

The first 3,000 words and the synopsis are bundled into a envelope and addressed to Vanda. Tomorrow I'll send it off and now...

I feel sick.

What if Vanda thinks it's rubbish? What if her feedback is so scathing I don't write another word? What if she tells me that the whole paranormal crux of the plot is laughable? Maybe I should shoot myself now for telling her, in my covering letter, to 'be as brutal/honest as you like'.

NO ONE has read the first 3,000 words apart from me. In fact, no one has read any of my novel. Only one person (a friend, a musician not a writer) has listened to a precis of the novel. She seemed to like it and laughed at the climax (am hoping that was the result of my glib telling as the climax should actually be shocking rather than amusing).

Anyway, what a palavar it was to edit the first 3,000 words. God help me when I have to edit all 90,000 words. Urrgh.

Anyway, I wrote an additional 700 words yesterday and 1,000'ish today so the word count is now over 22,000 (nearly, nearly 1/4 of the novel written). I've set my target word count at 90,000 words rather than 80,000 words and I'm not entirely sure why. I think maybe I read that the average novel is 80,000-100,000 words so decided to aim for 90,000 words. Readers - why did you decide on your target word count?

In other news a bumble bee invaded my living room earlier this evening and still hasn't found its way out. I was shocked by just how big and noisy a bumble bee can be (particularly in a fairly small living room) and have spent most of the evening ducking and screaming. The bee is now crawling around on the floor so I'm watching where I step.


Quillers said...

Oh well done, Cally! That's a great achievement!

I'm sure Vanda won't rubbish it. She looks to be a very good teacher, and a good teacher will highlight the good bits so you know you're on the right track, and give you solid advice about the bits that don't work (note I don't say the 'bad bits').

She obviously already likes your writing style.

Onwards and upwards girl!

Cally said...

Thanks Sally. Fingers crossed!