Friday, 27 April 2007

Novel Progress - Hooray for the Internet!

All I can say is...


I revised my synopsis in the light of Vanda's comment and emailed it to the lovely, lovely Sally Quilford for a second opinion.

And she liked it. And she said it made sense. And she's going to help me make the synopsis even clearer.

Oh thank God (for Sally). I was thisclose to dropping the whole novel last night. But now...(and I would skip around the room if I wasn't such a lazy arse)... I feel re-motivated and enthused.

And thank God for Vanda. If I hadn't sent my synopsis to her I would have had no idea that there was such a glaring and confusing hole in my plot. Sending your work out for other people to look at is extremely scary...but it's worth it. Sometimes you're just too close to your novel to see it clearly.

Right, that's it for now. I've got some words to write.

Edited to add: A.Writer - thank you soooooo much for your email. You made my day!


Quillers said...

Gosh I'm blushing now. Check your mailbox and for goodness sake have a stiff drink ;-)

Cally said...

Ha! Sorry - I've been a total stress bunny since last night. And I used to think I was a pretty chilled, laid back kind of woman!

This novel writing business does strange things to a person.

Large white wine coming up!

Quillers said...

It's not the novel writing that's the problem. It's the bloody synopsis writing! I hated doing mine, honestly, so I know exactly what you mean. It's not easy to sell your novel in about 600 words, knowing what to leave in or take out. Or making it seem that your heroine had a drink that made her explode... (To readers of this blog, that was me, not Cally) Tee hee...

Maybe you should be extra careful with that glass of wine, Cally ;-)

A. Writer said...

Thank god you didn't drop the novel!!! Please don't ever think of doing that again!

Check your mail if you haven't already!