Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Novel Progress - Update

Well the old 'write as much as you can in an hour with headphones jammed into ears and music on' approach worked again.

This time I had Tracy Chapman in my ears (have loved her since I was 13 and finally got to see her live last year) and I wrote approximately 1,200 words. I found it VERY hard to get going but after a bit of a faff I got started and then the words pretty much flowed. Also, and quite excitingly, when Lucy got home from seeing Dan she found her flatmate Brian dressed in a most unexpected fashion. I had no idea he'd be dressed like that. They're off on an adventure together now and I've no idea how it will turn out. Now THAT'S the exciting thing about writing a novel - when the characters tell you what they're doing and you just have to follow them.

So that's the writing done for today. Hooray! Over 16,000 words of the novel now written (18%).


A. Writer said...

Wow! You're doing really well! I'm so jealous! I can't find the time to write at the moment.

I agree, it's great to create characters so real that they 'tell' you what's going to happen next.

Quillers said...

Well done, Cally! That's great going.

I love Tracy Chapman. Fast Car sends shivers down my spine. Funny thing is that I can't write with music on. I don't mind the telly going in the background but with music I have to stop and listen to the words.