Sunday, 22 April 2007

Novel Progress - Update

Not much to report here apart from the fact I wrote just over 1,300 words today pushing my word count to over 30% of novel written which feels good. Just need a final push to get to 33% (a third of novel written). That would feel even better.

I was looking through my short story folder the other day, looking for something to sub to a competition and realised that, out of my all my stories:
  • 1/3 have already been published (or will be published shortly)
  • 1/3 have been subbed
  • 1/3 aren't good enough to be subbed

All of a sudden I felt the overwhelming need to write some new short stories. And there I was saying I was fully focussed on my novel. I guess I'm slightly nervous that, if I don't write a short story soon, I'll forget how to do it. So, I might write a new short story tonight or I might just watch TV and wait for the urge to pass. We'll see!


Novelgirl said...

Hi Cally

Nice to come across a blog which inspires me to write more - need to get some words down on my novel and short stories - you seem to have done incredibly well - well done!Im in the novel race too - will be nice to see a new face - welcome aboard!

Sarah x

Cally said...

Thanks Sarah. It's lovely to have a visit from one of the novel racers. I love reading all your blogs to see how you're all getting along. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this lonely old novel-writing slog!