Friday, 27 April 2007

Novel Update - the good, the bad and the really bad

Critique back from Vanda today.

The good:

  • My writing "flowed well"
  • There were no problems with grammar and punctuation
  • She called the first paragraph "great" and "catchy"
  • She liked my main character "she captivated me" and wanted to read on
  • she marked several phrases with "lovely" and "great characterisation"
  • She really liked my "cliffhanger" chapter endings
  • She really liked my second chapter even though it was very different to the first

The bad:

  • My character was too quick to argue in one scene (too little motivation)
  • My character did something unlikely in another scene

    (Both fixable with a quick re-write)

The really bad:

  • There is a huge, big, fat plot hole in my synopsis that makes the entire story incomprehensible (my words not Vandas)

I had a quiet freak out when I read the "I'm confused" comments on the synopsis and then I had a think and then my brain hurt (a lot) and then I freaked out a bit more.

At first I didn't think it was fixable and seriously considered trashing the entire novel. Then I had an idea and pencilled it into the synopsis. I'm still not sure if it will work. As I said before my story might possibly be classified as "paranormal chicklit" and, for this 'fix' to work, it requires a fair amount of suspension of disbelief on the part of the reader. But how far will people suspend their disbelief before they go "Nah, this is just silly?"

I have sent out an SOS to try and find out...

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Quillers said...

SOS received ;-)

But don't look on this as a bad thing. It's great that it's been recognised before you send off the synopsis and you have a few weeks to get it right.