Sunday, 1 April 2007

Novel Update - Hello Googlers!

Not much to report on the novel front apart from another 1,056 words written over the weekend (tonight actually). Am now in totally unchartered territory - i.e. writing to the thinnest of scene descriptions i.e. "Lucy goes to find Dan." Have only the vaguest of ideas what happens so it's interesting, if not a little disconcerting, to just let Lucy get on with it. Apparently she likes to talk to chavs and muse about death (musing to herself, not to the chavs) en route . Who knew? If my calculations are right I am now nearly 1/6 of the way through the book. Way hay. Basically I have only the vaguest of ideas what happens between now and the last 10,000 words of the book. Should be interesting or could be disasterous. Will have to keep writing to find out.

In other news - I found out this weekend that I have a potential career as 'band stylist' (in a strictly amateur sense) if my career as novelist doesn't pan out. How ironic that I have an eye for men's fashion when I'm so hopeless at dressing myself.


A. Writer said...

You are doing really well.

I'm going through something similar with my current WIP. I know what happens at 'A' and then at 'Z' but the middle is still only ideas.

It doesn't matter how much experience writers have. Giving advice is good regardless. If people are finding you through googling 'Miss Write Competition' thats cool.

Band Stylist huh? That's a different career move.

By the way, I love the funny little quizzes on my blog. I pick the most random quizzes for a laugh! lol!

A. Writer said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Meant a lot!

I was having a particularly bad day. Your comment helped lots.

I suppose the thinking IS just as important as the writing of a novel.