Friday, 13 April 2007

Novel Update - Is it Boring?

Now that I've re-read and edited the first 3,000 words oh, several hundred times at least I can no longer tell if it's any good. I know that I haven't got too many adverbs in there now and that I've tried to use indirect dialogue (where someone says something in an interesting, unstraightforward way - as opposed to indirect speech where you would write "john said that I shouldn't go to the cinema" which you should avoid) where possible (thank you for that tip James N Frey) to spice up the dialogue, I've cut the bits that don't work (or were crap) and I've re-worked the descriptive passages to make them a bit more interesting and, dare I say it, amusing, but the one question I am no longer able to answer is...

Is it boring?

I've read it so many times now that I have absolutely no idea whether the judges will go "Oooh" or "Yawwwwn".

A big part of the problem is that, because I'm still writing the novel, I'm not removed enough from the text to judge it objectively and, because I need to get it to Vanda in time to re-work it before 31 May deadline, I can't give myself that space.

My solution?

Tomorrow I'm going to continue writing the novel and on Sunday I'm going to give the first 3,000 words a final, final readthrough and edit and then I'm going to send it to Vanda on Monday. After I've done that I'll mostly be feeling sick with worry...


A. Writer said...

I worry that my first 3000 words is boring too!

I've borrowed the tips on your blog for my own writing.

I worry too much about everything with my book! I know people like the story but is my command of the english language good enough?! I just don't know! Eek!

Quillers said...

If it's any consolation, Cally, that's how I feel about mine now. I feel far too familiar with it, and can't see the 'great story' that I thought I was writing. I've read the funny bits so many times they're no longer funny, and the emotional bits seem less emotional. All I can hope is that when it's seen by a fresh pair of eyes in the comp, all that I hoped was in there still is.

At the moment I'm just thinking that the real achievement will be in finishing it. Anything after that is a bonus.

Cally said...

Glad to find out I'm not alone in thinking my novel is boring. Phew! Because most novelists don't blog about their insecurities you have no idea if what you're feeling is normal or not or if, in fact, your novel IS boring.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

Quillers said...

I suppose it's not a good idea to write on your blog that your novel is 'rubbish' otherwise publishers might read it and believe you ;-)

I know what you mean though. Writing is a lonely occupation, so it's always good to know others are having the same fears and concerns.