Sunday, 29 April 2007

Novel Update - just a quick one

I've got a friend coming round for dinner and a DVD in a bit so this is just a quick update.

Today I:

1) Edited my second short story. All done and dusted and ready to go off to a comp just as soon as the organisers get back to me on a submission question I had.

2) Edited an oldish short story to cut it down from 2,400 words to under 2,000 words (there's a comp in June that I'm thinking of subbing it to)

3) Turned a short flash into a poem and sent it off to a Poetry mag. I haven't written poems since I was in my early twenties (and oh god they were awful) but the leader of my writing group recently suggested we look at our prose with a view to turning some of it into poetry. I gave it a go this afternoon and quite liked the result. I haven't studied poetry since I did English A-level and I've got no idea how non-rhyming poems are supposed to work but I read mine aloud and it sounded okay.

4) Wrote another 900 words of the novel. I was going to have a break today but the novel won't write itself and I wanted to crack the 34,000 word target (that's what I often do if I feel a bit sluggish about writing, I say "okay, just write until you hit 34,000 words and then you can stop". Or else I'll say to myself "just write until you've written 1,000 words and then stop"). For me it helps me turn off the internal editor and just get the words out there. I can worry about how good they are when I've finished and I start editing.

5) Reviewed A.Writer's synopsis and made a few suggestions. It's GOOD and she should quit worrying (says the girl who should start taking her own advice!)

Anyway, it's nice to know that I'll be starting next week with a clean slate so to speak (no edits hanging over me waiting to be done). Next week is going to be a writing only week (hopefully). No editing, no tweaking, no subbing. Just write!


A. Writer said...

Ha ha ha! Thank you for the helpful tips on my synopsis.

I know I worry too much. It's just the niggle in me saying I can't cut it as a writer.

If Not Now, Then When? is my very first attempt at creative writing.

Quillers said...

Well done on all the hard work, Cally! Oddly enough, I did the opposite with poems I'd written and turned some into short stories. Two of them were published in The Lincolnshire Echo as part of the Toowrite comp.

Good luck with the novel A.Writer. We all have these doubts so you're not alone.

A. Writer said...

I've found one of the books I talked about in my email.

Love Eternally by Deborah Wright.

I'm not sure if it is similar but it could be.