Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Novel Update - Progress

I took my laptop away with me this Easter, determined to do some writing and...shock horror...I did! Most of it took place in the very early hours of the morning and I've now passed the 20,000 word mark. Hooray!

Now I've got that far and there's a natural pause before I start the next chapter I'm going to concentrate on editing/rewriting the first 3,000 words before I give send them off to Vanda for a professional appraisal (oh God, what if she thinks it's awful?) and then rework/polish them before subbing them to the Miss Write competition. I've got until the end of May so hopefully I've got plenty of time.

That My Weekly news (see previous post) was just what I needed to lift my writing spirits so I think I'll temporarily bask in the warm glow of my small success before the next bout of 'I can't write' blues kick in!


Quillers said...

Well done on the novel word count, Cally. I'm still fluttering around the 73.5k mark with mine and have to get a move on!

Cally said...

Thanks Sally. Wow - 73.5K - that's a LOT of words (at the moment I can only dream of that word count!) You must be on the homeward straight now, right? Have you hit the climax of the story yet or are you wrapping up the loose ends?

It's daunting to think about how much more I have to write but it definitely helps to give myself targets as I go along (the next one is 30,000 words which will be a third of the novel written). After that it will be to hit more than 51,000 (which is when I abandoned the last novel attempt).

I don't think you (meaning me) realise what bloody hard work writing a novel is until you actually sit down and write it!

Quillers said...

I've just been saying to friends today that if I'd really understood what hard work any type of writing was I'd probably have given up after the first rejection!

I've actually finished the plot of the novel and written the last chapter. Unfortunately it fell a bit short and I need it to be at least 80k for the Daily Mail novel comp (do you know about that by the way? It's on my comps calendar and closes on 2nd July - which is where you'll find the link to details). What I'm doing now is going back and embellishing, and changing any bits that are a bit too much 'tell' for more 'show' which adds a few more words here and there.

The problem I've got with the novel now is that now I'm actually earning money for my stories I want to keep doing that but writing the novel takes time out of shorts writing as I'm sure you appreciate. Still, it's also nice for a break from the novel. When I've had enough, it's refreshing to go off and do something else.

A. Writer said...

Well done getting over the 20k mark. I was so relieved when I did that. It seems such a landmark.

I read your above comment about setting targets... I think I'll do that, but mine will be little ones since my writing as come to something of a standstill.

I agree, no one knows how hard it is writing a novel until the writing starts...