Saturday, 28 April 2007

What do your characters look like?

Just had far too much fun playing with this site to try and create images of some of my characters:

<- Brian, transpotter and ex-Territorial army member

This is the site:

Warning! You won't get any writing done while you're playing!


Quillers said...

That's Saddam Hussein, isn't it? ;-)

A. Writer said...

I love it! hee hee!

I've tried to do one but I can't figure out how to copy and paste it!

Quillers said...

I tried one too, a.Writer and tried to send it to myself, but the email still hasn't arrived.

Cally said...

Oh my God - he DOES look a bit like Saddam Hussein! He was meant to look ugly but not evil!

To get a copy of my pic I used the 'Prt sc' (Print source) button on my keyboard. Basically it takes a grab of whatever is in your screen. You can then open a graphics programme like Photoshop and when you open an new document and select paste it will paste the screen grab into it. You can then crop out the bit you want.

Sometimes 'Prt sc' can just be pressed, on other keyboards (like mine) you need to press another button before you press it.(in my case I have to press and hold the 'fn' button and then press 'insert' - prt scn is underneath it).

God - just realised how confusing all that means. Hope you can both pick your way through it and find the sense!

A. Writer said...

I've tried to use my 'prt sc' button but it won't work! Boo hoo!

A. Writer said...

Ignore that last comment! I got it working! One of my characters will soon be appearing on my blog! Yay!

Quillers said...

Thanks Cally. I'll try that.