Saturday, 7 April 2007

Woman and Home short story competition

I read the following on Sally Quilford's website earlier this evening:

"Woman and Home are once again running their regular short story competition. You need to buy a copy of the mag with an entry form in order to enter (photocopies NOT accepted). If you have had stories published in a publication with a circulation of above 5000 you are unable to enter(which rules out most womens magazines, including The Weekly News).

The prize is £1500 and VIP tickets for the Costa Book awards.

HOW TO ENTER The theme is FEEL GOOD, but the title you give your story is entirely up to you. Submit your story of 3,000 words, typed in double spacing on one side of each sheet of A4 paper. Number the pages and keep a copy, as we can't return entries. Include a recent photo (which cannot be returned) and 200 words about yourself. Attach the coupon on page 71 of the May edition of woman&home to the front of your entry. You'll need a separate coupon for each story. Photocopies of the coupon are not accepted. All entries must be received by 25 May 2007."

I was a runner up in the Woman's Own short story competition last year and my story was published so I can't enter but I hope people who read this blog will give it a go (if they haven't had a story widely published before). I can't begin to describe how wonderful it was to get a call from the WO Fiction Editor to tell me my story was runner up. No amount of money can buy you that kind of feeling. So give it a go. You just never know!

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