Friday, 11 May 2007

Friday night's alright... for a bit of writing

I can't really call it novel progress today as I only managed a teeny 367 words but that was after writing a 1,000 word short story.

So, 2,517 words left to write until I'm halfway through the novel. I will write that much this weekend.

About the story...

I was reading something online and suddenly an image of young boy standing on the roof of a tower block popped into my mind. What was he doing up there? Where was he from? Was anyone looking for him?

In the end I decided to tell the story from the boy's sister's point of view and I wrote the entire story in one sitting (I almost wrote 'without stopping' but that wouldn't be true, I did pause a couple of times to think) . It's a pretty light-hearted story but that's a nice change after writing a more weighty story earlier this week.

That's my favourite kind of the story - the kind that comes to you almost fully formed in your head - and it's the type I'm best at. The story I wrote that came Runner Up in the Woman's Own short story comp last year came out in exactly the same way. On the other hand, when I have to work at a story and force it out, it's rarely a natural, flowing read.

I'll be interested to see, when I come to edit the novel, whether the same can be said for that. Will the 2,000 odd words I wrote in one sitting the other night read better than the 367 words I laboured over tonight? We'll see!

Oh! One more thing. Click on the link below for details of another short story competition. The competition is run next weekend (19/20 May) by Writelink and you basically have just 48 hours to write a story to a set theme and word count (which isn't revealed until Saturday morning).

Last year my story made the shortlist and, after it had been critted by some fellow writers, I gave it a bit of a polish and sent it off to My Weekly - and they accepted it for publication! Go on - why not join me in a bit of a frenzied short story writing session next weekend but hurry up and register asap because they only accept 100 writers max.

It's a £4.50 entry fee and a £50 first prize which isn't huge but you'll produce a new short story and, if you don't win, you can sub it somewhere else.

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