Saturday, 19 May 2007

I am SUCH an idiot!

Tonight I did something I hadn't done in the five years that I've lived in my flat...

I locked myself out!

I realised the second the front door slammed shut behind me. I searched through my pockets and my bag for the keys, desperately hoping I was wrong. Nope! The keys were somewhere in my flat.

I tried kicking my way into the flat (it always looks so easy in The Bill) but to no avail. I even considered trying to use my credit card to try and slip the lock but quickly realised, knowing my luck, it would only snap. There was no way back in.

Thank GOD I had my mobile in my bag. I rang the cavalry (i.e. the person who had my spare set of keys who so, so, so kindly offered to drive to my flat with them) and then texted the friend I was going to have a drink with to tell her I'd be late. She said that was okay.

I huddled up on the step outside my flat as a gale blew up my street and waited and waited and waited... (and shivered)

After fifteen minutes my friend rang back... would I get to the pub soon because she could only hang around for another hour (I was already an hour late)? As it takes half an hour from my house to the pub and my cavalry still hadn't turned up we decided to postpone and have lunch tomorrow instead. Ten minutes later the cavalry arrived and I'm now safely back in my flat (yes, the keys were in here) but no night out for me.

I need a drink. Dare I risk the off licence or am I only going to lock myself out again? Aaagh!

p.s. I blame my recent writing frenzy for my absentmindedness. Better to blame that than my own stupidity!


Kathmcg said...

You need a neighbour with a key.

Glad you got back in again ok. In my experience, absentmindedness gets much worse with age.

Anyway, use it in a story sometime!

CTaylor said...

Oh God - I'm only 33. How much worse can my absentmindedness get? (Don't answer that!)

Good idea about giving a neighbour the key. My neighbour was out tonight so she wouldn't have been much help, but it's worth bearing in mind for the future (oh please don't let it happen again!)

Funny you should say 'use it in a story sometime' I did actually think to myself (as I was shivering on the doorstep) 'even the MC in my novel wouldn't be THIS stupid'.

My life is apparently ditzier than fiction. Great!

Jen said...

Ditzy? Nah. When such things happen to me (as they invariably do) I raise my chin and imperiously announce that 'my mind is on a higher plane'.

At least you got in again and you have Sunday lunch to look forward to.

I feel your pain...

Quillers said...

Kath forgot to mention that the absentmindedness gets much worse when you've had kids. It's my belief that brain cells fall out with the placenta.

Most peoples' lives are ditzier than fiction! I've lost count of the times I've put real events into a story and been told they were unbelievable!

CTaylor said...

And Sunday lunch was cancelled due to bad timing. Quite a weekend this has turned out to be!

Kathmcg said...

Sally, my memory was definitely expelled along with the placenta, when I had my kids.

But I wasn't going to add that - didn't want to put young Cally off the marvellous experience that is parenthood!